About tipsipúca+

tipsipúca+ is a Japanese band that plays original tunes inspired by Celtic and Nordic music. They have been performing together since 2014 and occasionally tour in Hokkaido, the northernmost part of Japan. They have released three albums in a short span of time and also incorporate Japanese tunes and melodies into their albums.

Members are…

Shoko Takanashi : whistles, concertina, composition

Emy Sakai: fiddle, Hardanger fiddle

Hirofumi Nakamura: guitar, accordion, etc.

Daisuke Kumagai: percussion







About tipsipúca

tipsipúca is a Japanese duo that plays Irish and Norwegian traditional music along with original compositions. They utilize a wide array of musical instruments including Irish whistles, fiddles, concertinas, bouzoukis, Hardanger fiddles, pianos, and more. They are renowned for their distinctive musical arrangements.

Members are…

Shoko Takanashi : whistles, concertina, piano, composition

Emy Sakai: fiddle, bouzouki, Hardanger fiddle, viola